l-r Sponsor Jim Anton – Sun Life Financial, champions Harold Peterson & Herb Sulkers, MSCA Director Lynne Rehbein, MSCA President Britta Spiring (MSCA photo)

Herb Sulkers & Harold Peterson, representing the Beausejour & E St Paul Curling Clubs, are the Manitoba 2-person Open Stick Champions for 2024. They won the Manitoba championship February 18 at Curl Morris, and the right to wear the Manitoba jackets in April at the Canadian event in Toronto.

Sulkers & Peterson played Terry Proctor and Darren MacMillan (Warren CC) in the championship’s final game. The game turned in the fourth end when Peterson made a draw past his own stone at the top of the rings to freeze to his own shot stone on the back of the button. After a time out to consider options, MacMillan played a runback, just missed the contact need to blow the two stones out of the rings and Peterson drew for three to lead 4-2.

Peterson & Sulkers gave up a single on the fifth end and controlled the sixth, and final, end to win without throwing their final stone.

In the semi-finals, Sulkers & Peterson defeated Ross MacMillan & Bev Schick (Warren CC) while Proctor & MacMillan bested Charlie McCullough & Wayne Johnston (Carman CC).

The other four qualifiers included Harold Hamilton & Willie Friesen and Norm Magnusson & Resby Coutts (Fort Rouge), Ralph Nespor & Rob LaCombe (Stonewall), and Jim Rouse & Jim Webster (Warren).

The Canadian Championship will be played April 17-21 at Toronto’s Leaside Curling Club.


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