Manitoba Provincial 2 Person Stick Championship Guidelines for Hosting

 Manitoba Stick Curling Association:

Will create and balance the Event draw and provide Event guidelines and rules

Depending on the number of entries a minimum of 5, preferably 6, sheets of ice is most manageable for a 3 day event. Varying ice configurations may be discussed.

Will obtain a license for the 50/50 draw as

Expectations from Host Curling Centre:

Provide quote for ice rental for a 3 day event with expression of

Common area, locker rooms, washrooms, ice surface must be fully

The Event hosts a banquet in the evening of the first day of curling. The Host Curling Centre must have an Accessible banquet Recommendation of a caterer with reasonable menu and cost options is appreciated with the expression of interest.

The Provincial Championship event is generally manageable with a draw over 3 days. At a minimum, we will require that the ice be cleaned, pebbled and nipped after every second draw with a full scrape at the end of each day (or prior to first draw in the morning). If the ice technician has recommendations for additional maintenance this may be discussed.

Volunteer Assistance:

Registration: One or two individuals to welcome teams, distribute event information, collect balances due if required.

Draw team: Lead facilitator (Draw Master), put score cards on ice, collect and accurately record wins and losses on draw sheet, post scores online, put team placards on ice.

50/50 draw: provide volunteers to sell

For questions or additional information, please contact Lynne Rehbein or Britta Spiring at