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Newly elected Manitoba Stick Curling Association Britta Spiring helped kick off the new curling season at Fort Rouge last Friday when she partnered with Fred Spiring as a ‘guest team’.

The guest team was needed to fill out the Fort Rouge 2-person Stick League’s new second draw. They played in place of Ron McPherson and Jim Fossen who were unable to attend on opening day. The Spirings earned McPherson/Fossen a victory over Harold Hamilton and Willie Friesen so they’ll start the season next week with a win on the score sheet before playing their first game.

Fort Rouge CC’s Stick League began a year ago with a full 12-team draw and has expanded by an additional eight teams playing on a second draw this year.

As the Friday 2pm draw can accommodate 12 teams, add-ins will be welcome as the season progresses.

The new league at Fort Rouge includes an interesting combination of novice stick-league curlers who have been snowbirds coming back to the club this year, a number of long-time players who are playing stick-league for the first time, and some veteran stick-leaguers who are adding a second game to their calendar each week.

All ages, genders and levels of ability are invited to join the FRCC 2-Person Stick League. Contact Resby Coutts-Convenor ( OR Jeff Hodge – FRCC Manager (

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