East St. Paul Stick Spiel

The 1st annual Stick Bonspiel at the East St Paul Curling club was held October 13 – 14th.

The 24 teams were divided into 4 pools of 6. The following were the teams that qualified:
Harold Peterson/Herb Sulkers (East St Paul)
Dale Dielschneider/Ray Straker (East St Paul)
Resby Coutts/ Norm Magnusson (Fort Rouge)
Gwen Smith/Lynne Rehbein (St Vital)
Brent Amos/ BobMcQuarrie (East St Paul)
Warren Johnson/Dan McDonald (St Vital)
Tom & Rae Campbell (Killarney)
Jim Rouse/Jim Webster (Warren)
The finalists were the teams of Peterson/Sulkers and Tom & Rae Campbell. 
Peterson/Sulkers won in a very tight game.
Pictures below indicate both teams as well as individual teams.
In the first picture – from left to right- Herb Sulkers, Harold Peterson, Rae Campbell, Tom Campbell.
If you would like any more information please do not hesitate to email me.

Lynne Rehbein


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Congratulations to Randy Burtney & Ken Obirek on their 6 ender.

6- Ender

Rae and Tom Campbell’s first 6-ender!  October 23, 2023 Killarney.

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