2023 Spring into Summer 2 Person Stick League

Red River Valley Spring into Summer
2 Person Stick Curling League
Curl Morris

  • 6 dates between April 20th and June 29th. All games scheduled for Thursdays starting at 1:30 pm. 2 games scheduled for each date with a short break between games.
  • No games scheduled the week of May 1 (major annual Ice Maintenance).
  • Fees $120.00 per person plus GST for the 12 games. ($126.00 per person)
  • Ideally, we will have 12 teams. Minimum 8 teams needed to keep the fees indicated.
  • Assuming 12 teams: First 5 games will be within a random Group. Second set of 5 games will be within a Group A and Group B based on records.  Final games will be a playoff format for bragging rights only. All teams will be involved. Teams ranked 1-4 will form one playoff group, teams ranked 5 -8 be a second playoff group and teams  9 -12 will form a third playoff group.
  • Unlimited spares. Teams are responsible to find their own spares.

The available dates are listed below with the proposed dates highlighted in yellow:

April 20

June 8     –  rescheduled games / Practice

April 27

June 15

May 11

June 22

May 18

June 29   – Final Playoff games

May 25


June 1


              * Dates to be finalized, after registrations are completed.              


  • If teams want to play every week we can add games at the same per game rate as long as we have at least 6 teams (3 sheets)
  • As the league progresses participants can decide the merits and options for continuing throughout the summer or resuming in early September.

To Register contact:       
Norm Magnusson      
204 794 5665

First Teams registered, first in. Deadline for Registration is April 5th. Fees are due by April 15th.

 payment options:


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